ADA Compliant Homes in West Michigan

ADA Compliant Housing (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Are you, a friend of yours or loved one disabled? Or perhaps your community recently discovered the need for more and better housing options for the disabled in your area.

Either way, Lake Michigan Builders understands what it takes to provide this vital form of accessible housing to those who need it most. Our company cares about the common living concerns that those with disabilities experience on a daily basis.

If you’re disabled, your home doesn’t need to be an obstacle course to overcome. It should be your starting place for success in life. We combine our compassion and know-how to make your housing dreams come true.

We specialize in building accessible homes that are barrier-free and designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget.  Our homes are specifically designed for retirees looking to downsize and those with physical disabilities, including disabled veterans.

Common Characteristics of an ADA Compliant Home

ADA compliant housing refers to housing that is considered adequate by the US Government to meet the needs of those with disabilities.  Consider it a system of checks and balances to ensure a high quality of life and proper treatment when it comes to homes for our disabled population.

Disabilities are as unique as the people who experience them. Here are few of the common adjustments our team integrates when creating an ADA compliant home:

  • One-Floor Plans: For much of the disabled population, steps aren’t practical, keep you from living the way you want and can be hazardous. We can build a single-level home for you to minimize the need for steps or avoid them altogether.
  • Wider Doorways: Imagine a home where you can’t even get your wheelchair through the doorway. That’s why we create doorways that are three feet in width so you can easily move around in your home.
  • A “Step-Less” Entry: Our ADA homes come equipped with at least one step-less entry. Depending on the design of the home, this commonly requires a ramp of some kind.
  • Wheel-In Shower: At least the master bathrooms in our ADA homes come equipped with a shower that has no ledge. You simply wheel into your shower with no fuss.
  • Other Adjustments: Although the modifications mentioned above are some of the more common ones, by no means is that an exhaustive list. Other common changes can include door handles that are easier to open and light-up doorbells, among other options.

Our Most Popular Type of ADA Compliant Home Includes the Following:

  • 2 or 3 Bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms (The master bathroom contains a wheel-in shower).
  • A single-story home built on a slab with no basement
  • A spacious garage.
  • Versatility for anyone living in your home whether disabled or not
  • Any necessary adjustments to your home as mentioned above
  • Your unique touch allows us to add other qualities important to you.

As a disabled person working with Lake Michigan Builders, you have some great housing options. Our team will help to ensure that whatever you need is taken into consideration when building your home.

We at Lake Michigan Builders, love making your housing dreams come true! Contact us today to take the first step on the road to accessible living.