The question is, “two or one?” While most things in life are better in twos, like a pair of shoes or wheels on a bike, a two-story house may not be.

Remember, since we’re all unique, our homes should be, too. Think about what will fit you best, not just today but for the long haul. Things will change and loved ones or yourself may need a wheelchair or at least easier access throughout your home someday. Here are some things to consider as advantages of a single-story home.

Safety and Accessibility

With children or grandchildren running around, stairs can be dangerous. While aging at home, stairs can also be hazardous. Make sure your home is a place of safety and comfort for all involved. Running up and down stairs to do the laundry or to grab a cell phone can be exhausting at the least, or worse yet, result in an accident.

Creating a home in which you can age well is important. So is making sure doors, halls and entrances to your house are wheelchair accessible. No stairs may be the way to go.  Single-level living will increase the chance that you will be able to live and function within your home for a longer period of time.

Consistent Lighting and Ample Space with a Single-Level Home

A single-story home doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped. Quite the opposite, in fact.  An open floor plan and higher ceilings can make your living space feel bigger and brighter.

Large, beautiful windows and skylights can make for a more cheerful look as well. This will make your home feel spacious and grand. You won’t have to worry about dimly lit stairways, either.

A Cleaner Home with Less Clutter

Often, as the years pass, an upstairs room can become a collection spot for clutter. Many people stash things away for that “rainy day” that collect dust until and if the time ever comes to use them.

We don’t even need to mention the struggle of having to haul the vacuum up and down the steps. A single-story home gives you the ability to clean and manage all of your rooms with easy accessibility. Everyone loves an easy space to clean, organize and use to its fullest potential!

Room for Plenty of Creativity

Make your home unique for you and your family by choosing a single-level option. You’ll experience an open, airy feeling and usable living space which steps can’t provide. Combine that with big windows to gaze out of at your beautiful West Michigan view and your imagination will soar.

Lake Michigan Builders would love to help you create an accessible single-level house you can call home. We will make it safe with a no-stairs option to be enjoyed for years to come. We strive to be forward thinkers and always encourage our customers to be, too!  Click Here to see our portfolio of one-floor homes for barrier-free living.

Have questions about what we can do for you and your future home? Lake Michigan Builders specifically serves retirees, disabled veterans, and all those looking for ADA compliant homes. We build in the areas of Pentwater Lake, Silver Lake, Stony Lake, and White Lake areas of West Michigan. Feel free to get in touch.

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