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The Advantages of a Single-Level Home

The question is, “two or one?” While most things in life are better in twos, like a pair of shoes or wheels on a bike, a two-story house may not be. Remember, since we’re all unique, our homes should be, too. Think about what will fit you best, not just today but for the long […]

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Should I Include a Handicap Accessible Bathtub in My Retirement Home?

A wheelchair accessible bathtub is a worthy consideration as you plan to build your home for retirement. Many acquainted with handicap accessible showers are less familiar with bathtubs that are handicap accessible. While everyone’s needs and desires for their new retirement home differ, bathtubs that can accommodate the wheelchair-bound or just those who have trouble […]

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7 Benefits of Building a New Home for Retirement

The West Michigan area is a great place to enjoy your retirement years.  But have you ever considered building a new home for retirement rather than purchasing one already built? There are many factors that go into the decision of whether or not to build a new home. Here are seven benefits you’ll experience by […]

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