A wheelchair accessible bathtub is a worthy consideration as you plan to build your home for retirement. Many acquainted with handicap accessible showers are less familiar with bathtubs that are handicap accessible.

While everyone’s needs and desires for their new retirement home differ, bathtubs that can accommodate the wheelchair-bound or just those who have trouble stepping into a standard tub are a major plus. Here are a few of the positive points you can expect should you go the walk-in bathtub route.

Increased Convenience and Safety for Years to Come

Even if you’re pretty mobile, you’ll still benefit from the convenience and ease of use of these bathtubs.

Some balk at the idea of going to a handicap-accessible tub unless they’re wheelchair-bound. However, walk-in bathtubs greatly reduce the risk of falling injuries regardless of your current health condition.

You can simply open the door of your bathtub instead of stooping down and possibly slipping. Entering and exiting these tubs is a cinch, causing far less strain to your back, knees, and joints as well.

Walk-in bathtubs generally come with a lifetime warranty. So, you can expect years of comfort, safety and security.

Planning Ahead When Building Your Home for Retirement

The reality is that you may never need a wheelchair accessible bathtub but, then again, you may. Planning for one at the outset means increasing your future independence for as long as possible.

This increased independence will be far more valuable than the up-front cost should you or your loved one need it in the future. And as said earlier, once you experience the relaxing, convenient nature of this product, you won’t want to go back to a traditional bathtub.

A little extra attention to detail now as you’re building your retirement home will mean far less hassle later. You won’t need to install a walk-in tub at a later date this way.

Your Lake Michigan Builders Team Will Work With You

Our Lake Michigan Builders team strives to be more than just a retirement house builder. We also realize the importance of listening to what you value in your new home.

Interested in a walk-in bathtub for your new retirement home? We’ll work with you. We want to ensure that all the aspects of your new home are in line with your needs and preferences.

If you have any questions about how Lake Michigan Builders can get you ready for retirement, feel free to get in touch. Our primary building region includes Oceana and Muskegon, Michigan counties. However, we also may be able to help you if you’re a little outside of that range.



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