The lakeshore of Western Michigan is truly a unique place to call home for many reasons. At Lake Michigan Builders, we love creating homes in a beautiful and desirable region like Western Michigan. The scenic location only adds to our customer satisfaction.

What makes our area so unique and why should you call it home? Here are three reasons that are hard to ignore.

West Michigan Offers a Desirable Northern Climate                

Ok. Truth be told, we get snow here in the winter—quite a bit sometimes. But we don’t get the bitter temperatures that other regions this far north experience.

The warmth of Lake Michigan moderates the climate in the winter, giving us slightly warmer temperatures. So, although it gets cold enough for real snow, we have much less of the bitter cold. That allows better conditions for getting out and enjoying the winter wonderland of the West Michigan area.  Whether you want to cross-country ski, go ice fishing or snowmobiling, or just enjoy the snowy landscape, you’ll find plenty of winter options without freezing to death.

Conversely, our summers are also cooler here than further inland. The almost-constant fresh breeze that blows from Lake Michigan is both refreshing and invigorating.  It will give you the energy you need to get outdoors and do whatever activities you love without getting overheated (at least, most of the time).

Choose Your Population Options

Along the West Michigan shoreline, you can choose the population density that best suits your needs and desires. We’re talking plenty of variety within a short distance.

Along the Lakeshore you will find several larger cities, such as Holland, Muskegon and, farther north, Ludington. But tucked in between the bigger cities you encounter quaint towns such as Stony Lake, Hart, Mears and Pentwater.

That means you can have your pick when it comes to population density. If you are one who would die of isolation living in the country, you can choose to live near your favorite restaurants and shopping centers instead.  On the other hand, if living in a highly populated area would overwhelm you, there are plenty of small towns to choose from or even land that is “out in the boonies.”

Live in an Outdoor Activity Goldmine

There aren’t many who can claim that their hometown area is a goldmine of outdoor possibilities. But living in West Michigan, you can claim that you’ve struck it rich.

When it comes to the variety of outdoor activities available, Western Michigan is hard to outdo.

You’ll have out-of-state friends and family always wanting to visit with you for vacation because Lake Michigan’s beauty rivals most ocean settings. On sunny days, the lake looks almost like a Caribbean paradise—like something taken right off of a postcard or calendar.

You’ll find plenty of outdoor options at your fingertips as well such as:

  • Bike trails
  • Boating on the Big Lake or smaller inland lakes
  • Fishing of all sorts
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Stunning Lake Michigan beach walking or swimming
  • Vineyards with wine tasting all along the lakeshore
  • An abundance of farm-markets offering fresh, locally grown produce, including cherries, peaches, apples, and asparagus
  • Sand dunes for hiking, climbing or off-road driving
  • And much, much more!

Western Michigan Shoreline — What Will You Love Most?

West Michigan residents all have their own reasons why they love to live where they do.  You’ll get to discover your own reasons and some of those conclusions may surprise you. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with good surprises!  Agreed?

Lake Michigan Builders offers a variety of homes along the lakeshore, perfect for growing families, disabled veterans and those ready to retire.

Why not contact us today, so you can experience for yourself what makes living in West Michigan great.









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