The West Michigan area is a great place to enjoy your retirement years.  But have you ever considered building a new home for retirement rather than purchasing one already built?

There are many factors that go into the decision of whether or not to build a new home. Here are seven benefits you’ll experience by having Lake Michigan Builders build you a new home for retirement.

Live Where You Want: When you buy a home that’s been previously lived in, you have very little choice about its location in relation to services and amenities. Now, more than ever, you may want easy access to shopping centers, grandchildren, and your friends. You also may value a more rural setting that is still close to town. All of these and more are possible by having a new home built for retirement.

No Worry About Upkeep: If you retire in an older home, there will always be something else that needs repairing. By having a new home built, there won’t be the concern of putting in new windows before the winter arrives, re-paving a driveway or needing a new roof on your home. And that leads us to the next benefit.

Know Your Costs Up Front: Repairs to an older home can “nickel and dime” your finances causing unnecessary stress and worry in your retirement years. Although there are costs up front when having a new home built, you won’t need to contend with a bunch of unforeseen costs like you would if you stay put.

No Hazardous Molds or Chemicals: As you go into retirement, your health is extremely important to you. You want a home that will keep you feeling good. You’ll have the cleanest air possible in a new home and won’t have to worry about dangerous factors like black mold or other hazards brought about by living in an older home.

You Get to Pick the Layout: In the past when you went looking for a used home, you couldn’t help but notice something frustrating. Each home had its unique downsides or quirks that made you think twice about purchasing it. The great thing about building a new home for retirement is that you won’t have to deal with those quirks. You can start from scratch and offer input into the building of your home.

Safe and Convenient: When having your new home built for retirement, you can discuss with Lake Michigan Builders what safety and convenience features you’d like including a ramp to your home, wider doorways in case you have you have the need of a wheelchair for a while and a wheel-in shower, for instance. With these modifications, you’ll ensure that you’ll have a better chance of staying safe and free of injury.

A Longer Stay at Home: By having a new home built, you’ll be able to maximize the duration of your independence. There will be less need to have others help and you’ll likely be able to stay in a new home longer than an older one as you age. Everything will be tailored to your needs.

So, as you can see, there are many upsides to having a new home built for retirement. You can enjoy all of these perks and more by getting in touch with our team at Lake Michigan Builders.

As you head into retirement, we trust that your best years are yet to come!

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