New Homes Requiring DEQ Permits

Lake Michigan Builders and Critical Dune Areas

Do you want to build near a critical dune area? If so, Lakeshore Builders can help you achieve your dreams.

A critical dune area is protected by the DEQ and there are certain obstacles you must overcome to build in these areas. The dunes are protected to maintain the beauty of the lakeshore and understandably so. However, building here is possible if you follow the right steps.

Proper engineering of the home and maintaining the integrity of the surrounding areas are of utmost importance. Also, working with the townships and understanding their vision for zoning leads to success.

If you’re interested in building near dunes, Lake Michigan Builders can help you to obtain all the necessary permits for critical dune areas.

Lake Michigan Builders and Permit Considerations

Lake Michigan Builders specializes in home construction along the West Michigan lakeshore that requires special DEQ permits. This includes critical dune areas next to Lake Michigan as well as inland lakes and close to protected wetlands.

Building in these unique settings requires much more planning and pre-construction work than a normal home building project. Failure to wade through the necessary “red tape” can lead to significant issues and delays later on. Builders and homeowners alike have gotten burned in the past by failing to legally clear their plans with the government before starting a project.

Working with Municipalities

In some cases, building in wetland areas requires an extensive permitting process. A lot of interaction with the required municipalities at the city, state or local government levels is common. A thorough understanding of the processes and, most importantly, the ability to work well with city and government officials within these municipalities is vital.

Our seasoned team of architects and engineers can help this part of the process go smoothly.

The preliminary stage for those who plan to construct in these protected areas needs to happen before building permits are applied for.  It is at this stage when you must integrate the DEQ for soil erosion, the health department for septic and well, and the utility companies for gas and electric.

Building with Peace of Mind

You don’t have to go through the stress of wondering if you’re legally ok to start building. Let us take that burden off your hands so you can just enjoy the process and admire the progress of your home.

When it comes to DEQ considerations and how they may affect your building plans, Lake Michigan Builders will be with you every step of the way to make sure there are no unwanted surprises.